Knitting Pattern for a cute baby and childs dress with lace … Baby Dress

Child Costume Knitting Sample for a cute child and childs gown with lace on yoke and hem. This child gown was initially revealed in Lets Knit (UK) as Meredith Child Costume. The knitting sample is graded to suit little ladies from 9 months as much as 7 years. Sizes to Match 9-18 mths 2-3yrs Four-5yrs 6-7 yrs Chest: 50(19½) 55(21½) 60(23½) 65(25½) cm/in Precise Chest: 70.5(27¾) 81.5(32) 92.5(36½) 103.5(40¾) cm/in Again Size: 44(17¼) 50(19½) 56(22) 62(24½) cm/in Hem Width: 78(30¾) 91(35¾) 105(41¼) 114(44¾) cm/in Mat…
Baby Dress

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